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  • I can print on demand, or you can buy my existing photographic darkroom editions and use for your collection, record art or book illustration. All works are unique originals made by hand on light-sensitive paper in the darkroom.

    Art Cover





    Andy Aquarius · Golla Gorroppu for HushHush Records, US

    King Vatra · Now I Can See The Moon for Realm and Ritual, US

    Andy Aquarius · Chapel for HushHush Records, US

    Alex Spencer · Supermoon for Zodiaque Productions, DE

    Estrada Orchestra · Jazzbeatjaatis for Stereophonk, FR

    Viktor's Joy · I used to be clean for Grainy Records, EE

    Viktor's Joy · Dogwalker for Grainy Records, EE

    Pyre of Descent · Peaks of Eternal Light for Totenmusik, DE

    Swan Valley Heights · Terminal Camping for Fuzzorama Records, SE

    Naturata Brutalismus · We All Fall for Bat Cave Productions, DE

    Raoul Vignal · III for Klangbild Studios, DE

    Art Cover





    Viktor's Joy · Parade Song#1 for Grainy Records, EE

    Crime & the City Solution - Peace in my Time for MUTE Records, UK

    Mauno Meesit · Sõnumid for Grainy Records, EE

    Misha Panfilov · Rattasoit for Aina Lomalla, EE

    Fiordmoss · Siberia for Fathermother Collective, DE

    Free Flow Dance Studio Choreography, EE

    Ozbolt · Downhill Momentum, DE

    Art Cover





    Viktor's Joy

    Crime & the City Solution

    Abstract Nympho


    Lotta St Joan

    Pyre of Descent

    Shambhu Leroux